Connect automatically

When a call comes in, the MusicJogger intelligently knows which device is ringing and will connect to the device automatically.

The convenient multifunction button on-board allows you to take calls on the fly effortlesly without ever picking up your smartphone.

UPC: 840144101269

Download Musicjogger User Manual here:

The perfect choice for the active life.

Simple pairing and compatibility with billions of Bluetooth wireless devices including iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch, Android, Mac and PC make the MusicJogger the perfect choice for the active life.

UPC: 840144101252

UPC: 840144101245

World class audio.

A world-class lossless audio codec developed by CSR enables your music to sound better than ever before while an impressive wireless range and amazing battery life keep you going nonstop! Scroll down to explore more.


On-board battery meter.

For iOS devices, an on-board battery meter displays power in real-time so you never run out of juice.

A built-in 400mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery provides remarkable battery life with over 25 hours of continuous music playback and over 400 hours in standby mode.